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A woman silently creeps through a textureless world. She intends to stay hidden, invisible to the ominous shaded figures that stand in side roads and alleyways. She mustn’t be caught, but why? Welcome to the post-Orwellian nightmare that is The Fallen World.

What Is It About? Seriously…

Developers behind the title, indie team DarkSpace Games, recently released a teaser in an attempt to shine some light on their mysterious game. However it seems as though the trailer produced more questions than answers. We are shown a snazzily dressed woman skulking down empty streets in a world void of all colour but the red of traffic lights. She slinks to the sound of an ominous piano tune, interrupted only by a loud and obnoxious knocking. The trailer ends with a squirming, prone well-dressed woman and a quote reading:

“Through me you fall into a city of weeping. Through me you go amongst the people you lost. Through me you go into eternal pain.”

Yeah, not much to go on. Fortunately the official website gives us a little more on the premise and plot. According to the developers, The Fallen World is a game of stealth and choice. It is a game of major decisions and deadly consequences. “You must hide, sneak, steal and kill across a city on the brink.” But on the brink of what? All we are told is that the reality we knew has crumbled around us, leaving nothing but the Choir of Pain and a nightmare that never ends. Spooky and seriously mysterious.

According to sources, The Fallen World will be a game of tactics and decision making. It may be better to cause in-fighting amongst enemies rather than go in gung-ho yourself. It is believed that the classic survival features will also be present, i,e: food and water intake and rest periods. It seems that sleeping will save your progress. DarkSpace Games have said that The Fallen World may have an RPG story-like element to it as well, with character development and a compelling story ark. Sounds like an interesting, if not a little odd, project. Little else is known about The Fallen World as it is still in development.

Core Features

  • Third Person Survival Horror
  • An open city to explore
  • Story driven skill based character progression
  • Player driven stories
  • Multiple endings


SOURCEThe Fallen World - Official
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