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Rumors are circulating of a sequel in the works for Tango Gameworks’ survival horror, The Evil Within. The recent leaked job description document strengthens this info and hints at a release date for later this year.

Testing, Testing…

The document is in Japanese, however it has been translated into English. It refers to a job offering from the developers as they are currently looking to hire more employees for Psycho Break 2 – the name given to The Evil Within 2 in Japan.

The leaked Japanese document for a job position.

The document calls on a single applicant for the job position of Q&A bug testing and translating for The Evil Within 2 AKA Psycho Break 2. It specifies that they are looking for someone with knowledge of Unreal Engine and experience working on multiplayer games. Although it is unsure if this is related to TEW2 or another project.

The work period is set to last from April 10th to October 31st with a seven day a week schedule including holidays. There’s a good chance Tango Gameworks will unveil the game sometime this year as it has been in production for almost two years. Like the first game, it will possibly be on PC and console platforms. However, the PS4 and Xbox One are currently referred to as test items.

The news of a possible sequel isn’t too much of a surprise because Tango Gameworks stated they wanted The Evil Within to be a series and not a single title. The game even had moderate success and held the spot of top selling horror IP for a couple months, before Dying Light took its place. With such a positive response from players, the sequel should only increase the soon to be franchise’s fan base.

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