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At Bethesda’s E3 press conference, we were presented not with a new Elder Scrolls, but with an interesting sequel to the 2014 horror game The Evil Within. The above trailer showcased some eerie yet awesome footage that left us all intrigued.

Terrific Terror

The exclusive cinematic trailer released at E3 nine hours ago promises players a macabre setting of death, darkness, despair, undead, mind games and a fast paced environment through utter obscurity and strange white goo. However, we assume as more information appears, the plot will be revealed and a grounded story will unfold.

E3 showcase
Back here again.

Back again as detective Sebastian Castellanos, we’re in for a mind melting ride through memory and the grief felt for his dead daughter. In a desperate search for answers, we find ourselves walking into the eye of the storm and a long awaited sequel.

With big old shotguns and trickier traps, The Evil Within 2 promises the player a chance to choose between guns blazing or prep and planning. Enjoy your summer everyone, because we’ll be seeing this sequel very soon. The Evil Within 2 will be out Friday the 13th of October 2017.

Evil within images
Worlds within worlds.


SOURCEBethesda via Youtube
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