Tom Clancy’s The Division takes a final stand with the launch of it’s third paid DLC: Last StandIn a simultaneous PC, Xbox One and PS4 release, the Last Stand DLC has launched today, February 28th, along with a large update and a free demo.

Last Stand DLC

The DLC adds a new 8v8 PVP game mode in which teams compete to control three tactical locations on one of four Dark Zone Maps. As each location is secured, the team will begin scoring points, winning when the max score is reached.

Additionally, Last Stand DLC contains a new Incursion: Stolen Signal. Taking place in a Television Broadcast centre, Agents will face off against the Rikers gang in three wings of the centre in a variety of unique combat scenarios. Completing all wings will unlock the final boss fight.

Update 1.6

Update 1.6 is a free update that adds three new areas to the Dark Zone, as well as new Contamination Events, a Dark Zone leaderboard and fast travel between Dark Zone checkpoints. With a large variety of changes, additions and bug fixes, who not take a look at the patch notes for full details.

Last Stand DLC and Update 1.6
Tom Clancy’s The Division Last Stand DLC and Update 1.6 highlights.

Free Demo

The Division also now offers a free demo in which the player has 6 hours of play time to experience the Story campaign, Agent customisation and exploring the Dark Zone. Any progress made will be saved if the full game is purchased.

With an all-time peak on Steam of 113,877 players in March 2016, The Division dropped to a low of 3,434 in September 2016. After peaking again in December, does Last Stand have what it takes to make a final stand against The Division’s dwindling player base?

Last Stand is available as part of The Division’s Season Pass, as well as for individual purchase, on Steam and the UPlay Shop.


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