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The upcoming survival game The Day Before shows his vehicles in the game for the first time with a new Off-road teaser trailer. It looks super realistic and is reminiscent of titles like Mud Runner.

That’s going on: The survival shooter from The Wild Eight makers Fntastic has shown its vehicles for the first time in a teaser trailer. At least one short scene that not only looks super realistic but also strongly reminds of Mud Runner. A game in which you drive Off-road vehicles through knee-deep mud and do delivery jobs.

The Day Before has already shown spectacular scenes from the game and the community is wondering if this can even be real. A quality survival shooter is not an easy endeavor and Fntastic has yet to produce triple-A blockbusters. Our sister site offers further insights on this topic and has taken a closer look at the vehicle trailer and the combat gameplay.

Are you curious about The Day Before, and what do you think about the trailer? Cool, or rather Meh. Write in the comments below!


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