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What if The Division meets The Last of Us 2, then we get “The Day Before“, a new incredible-looking survival MMO from The Wild Eight makers Fntastic. A first trailer looks all too familiar to us.

Like their child: Fntastic, the developer behind the survival game The Wild Eight, seems to be working on a new, ambitious project. That goes by the name The Day Before. The gameplay and optics are very reminiscent of the looter shooter The Division and The Last Of Us Part 2. You will now find out what we mean by that.


The Day Before is division, only without agents but with zombies

What does the trailer show? The first published gameplay for The Day Before presents an all-too-familiar premise. Two developers supposedly play the open-world survival MMO, talking, and exploring the amazingly detailed surroundings of a big city, that seemingly is based on San Francisco.

Not only does it sound like the first gameplay trailer for The Division doesn’t just look like it, it is a clear inspiration. In contrast to some commentators, we don’t think that’s too bad.

The similarities of The Day Before and The Division seem clear if you consider the setting and premise:

  • A virus spreads and many people die
  • A big city in winter, just before Christmas
  • Wrecked cars, piles of rubbish, road and concrete barriers adorn the wintry environment
  • The city lights cast everything in a beautiful light

This is The Division, but where does the comparison to The Last Of Us come from, you may wonder? This is where the gameplay itself gets interesting. Because animations, crosshairs, and movements are clearly modeled on the multiple Naughty Dog winner. But see for yourself:

Is that real or fake? As mentioned earlier the comment section below the trailer for The Day Before has many doubting voices. The project seems too optimized and too ambitious they say. Even if we would like to look forward to such a title, we clearly hold up a warning sign.

Just a few days ago we reported about another similar case, behind the scenes of which not everything seems right. So we issue a warning. Do not enjoy the game until it is released or at least has been independently verified that it is real. Against all doubts, we trust the developer to finance and implement such a project.

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SOURCEMathchief via YouTube
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