The Darwin Project


A few weeks ago The Darwin Project got into Early Access on Steam with a price tag of 15€. However, the tides are changing for the battle royale game as it just transformed into Free to Play (F2P).

Cosmetics taking over

The moment a game becomes Free to Play we all knows what happens next. From now one The Darwin Project will have cosmetics which you can earn. While the option to buy cosmetics isn’t in sight yet, it won’t be a surprise to see the cosmetic microtransactions in the game later on. As the developers mentioned that they will never sell items that give you an advantage in game.

The reason for the sudden change to Free To Play isn’t a total surprise if you have followed the game closely. Before the game went into Early access the developers already mentioned that it might happen in the future. Yet, the decision got pushed this early mainly because some players had problems finding matches at certain servers. The F2P update should tackle this problem.

To bring in new players and maintain a level of activity that ensures players are able to get the most of out Darwin Project, we’ve decided to make it more accessible by removing the price tag. – Creative Director Simon Darveau

The founders

But don’t worry if you decided to buy the game before it went F2P. Because you will get the founders pack as a reward for your support. This pack gives access to all the jumpsuits sets and gives you two additional special outfits: Montreal Goon for males and Montreal Goalie for females. As well as the  Montreal Hockey weapons and hats for both genders. Besides that, both the bow and axe will have two skins and one of each will be limited to the founder’s edition.

The Darwin Project
With help of the founder’s pack, you can now move into the arena as ice-hockey stars.

In addition, you will find five fan gifts in your fan mail. These gifts work similar to other loot boxes as you get a random item by opening it. You can also unlock the gifts by leveling up your fan base in The Darwin Project, which brings over 200 cosmetics into the game. Yet, if you are not a fan of the founders pack you can also refund the game on Steam.



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