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3D2 Entertainment has released a gameplay trailer for its new title, The Crow’s Eye. The preview promotes an upcoming release date set for March 20th, 2017 via Steam. The game is a first-person horror experience with emphasis on puzzle-solving and adventure.

The Crow’s Eye

The player controls a faceless, unfortunate “young man” who wanders into the abandoned Medical University of Crowswood. However, accounts that the university is abandoned have been highly exaggerated. In order to escape, the player must subject themselves to the theatrics of a faceless madman who seems to have big plans for you. Cryptic visions of golden pyramids and masked figures assail you as it dawns that something insidious is going on. It would appear that any chance you have at freedom is connected to the secret of why Crowswood’s students and faculty disappeared 20 years earlier.

The Crows Eye eerie image.
[cue X-Files opening theme]

3D2 Entertainment has promised a mental and emotional obstacle-course on the way to answers. Exploration will be paramount, as certain puzzles will only become solvable through ‘keys’ found in other areas in the University. Even then, your ability to find these items might hinge on deduction skills. Your best bet is to read every document, listen to every recording and stitch together every morsel of clarity The Crow’s Eye offers you.

The Crows Eye screenshots
Are those dorms or classrooms? Just, please don’t tell me that’s where the cultists live.

Those hoping to lose themselves in Crowswood’s abhorrent academia won’t have long to wait as it comes out next Monday, March 20th, on PC.


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