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The Black Death will undergo many changes in the V0.12 update. The developers, Small Impact Games, stated that there will be more features than they discussed in their blog, though players must wait to see all of them in the new update to be released March 30th, 2017.

What is The Black Death?

The Black Death is a multiplayer survival game set in 14th century western Europe during the plague. The player may choose their own profession out of the currently available 10 roles, a few include becoming a blacksmith, militia or a merchant. Each profession has their own strengths for survival. Among the players are villagers, animals, bandits, merchant and the infected, all striving to stay alive. The ultimate goal of the player is to survive and gain wealth for strength in this plague ridden world.

The Early Access version of the game has generally not been favoured so far, with upset buyers stating that the game wasn’t as shown in the trailer and the lobbies are lifeless. The developers have taken note of the complaints and are about to release their biggest update for The Black Death so far.

What’s Coming in V0.12

“Back in November 2016 we were 7 months into Early Access and it was clear to us the game wasn’t in the state we wanted it to be in. We needed to take some drastic action.”

Stated Small Impact Games in their most recent devblog post about the new update. The team started by addressing common bugs, crashes and disappearing items in the game. Next, they began reworking current features that needed improvement and adding in ones that weren’t available in the initial release. Here’s what’s new and improved:

Day & Night Cycle

The V0.12 update will add in a day and night cycling feature. The game mechanics will change depending on the time of day, and the developers say this is something they hope to add upon in future updates. Along with this, a “days survived” feature will be put in place so the player may see how many days they have survived in the kingdom of Mercia. 

Player Housing

After a long time in development, the core features for the housing system will be released. This feature will expand as more updates become available.

Get nice and cosy in your own home!

New Spawn Locations

Breathe in the smell of the ocean as you spawn in by the sea. Take in the scenery as washed up corpses, rotten wood and barrels of old moulding bread come ashore. While you’re there basking in the ambience, watch out for the beggars that want to lay you to rest by the sea.

The Black Death Strand Schiff
Well, it’s definitely not Cabo.

Improved Combat

The combat system was a difficult system to improve due to the amount of moving parts involved and the reliance on “game feel”. With update V0.12 comes better combat physics that offer more precise swings and hits. This will also result in better feedback and overall responsiveness during game play.

Knight in armour.
Does this armour make my knife look fat?

New Looting Areas

If you don’t mind scavenging around a place ravaged by the plague, wolves, bandits and infected persons, you could get a hold of the best loot in the game. This PvE (player versus environment) will surely entice those groups who seek a challenge or have death wish. The developers have plans to increase the amount of new loot and lootable areas in following updates. The crafting system will also see a change in the V0.12 update, though the info on this has not yet been released.




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