the beast inside


Kickstarter is becoming the home for a new horror game called The Beast Inside. This story-driven horror game focusses on the first-person perspective of two protagonists and is in development by Illusion Ray Studio.

‘’From a Psychosis of a present, to a madness of a past. From Cold war’s paranoia to civil war’s darkest days. ‘’

Two worlds and one danger

At the start of the game you will play as Adam who lives in 1979 just as the cold war is going on. As a CIA cryptanalyst he will need to solve a military code. Because of this, he decides to leave Boston with his wife and move to a house in the middle of nowhere. But peace isn’t what he finds there as soon after finding the hidden diary of Nicolas things start to go down.

Nicolas on the other hand lives during the civil wars in 1864. When he returns home he encounters some supernatural phenomena. How do the past and present connect? What role plays the environment? And what happens with Adam and Nicolas? We will have to discover all of this during the game.

Light it Up

These days it wouldn’t be a horror game without some sort of light source to help you navigate through the dark. As you walk around you can collect matches for lighting up the candles in the area and kerosene, which is needed to fill up the old lantern.

What we do know is that you aren’t alone and you aren’t defenceless. You can run and hide from entities or fight with them by using a revolver or the environment. In this interactive world you need to find out what is going on, either by picking up items, inspecting them or by throwing them away. To solve puzzles you will either need items or clues from old texts lying around. So far, the world of the game revolves around the house as well as the garden.

As usual with Kickstarter you will get certain bonuses when backing the game. For 6 EUR you can try out the demo and for 16 EUR you will receive the steam key at the release. If the goal on Kickstarter gets passed we can expect the game to release in March 2019. So far, The Beast Inside has made 67 percent of their goal with still 28 days to go.



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