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The DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive is now going together with the tech giant Tencent after rumors that were previously denied. We clarify what that means.

That happened: A few minutes ago the official DayZ account tweeted that the Chinese media and tech giant “Tencent Holdings” (Tencent for short) had acquired a minority stake from the Czech developer. A few months ago rumors of a takeover of Bohemia Interactive by Tencent were still denied, but plans have changed at least in part.

Tencent buys Minority Stake from DayZ developer: what does that mean?

Not true, till now: Almost a year ago, the rumor germinated that Bohemia Interactive had been bought by Tencent. This was quickly denied by various sources and actually turned out to be wrong. At the time, the company’s management maintained that they wanted to remain independent. Has that changed now?

Not so wild: Before you dig out the pitchforks, we should tell you that Tencent has bought real shares in the DayZ & Arma developers, but that it is a so-called “minority stake”.

A minority stake is a purchase in which the investor acquires less than 50 percent of a company on the stock exchange. In this case, Bohemia Interactive continues to retain control over the company’s direction.

Basically, that means that you don’t have to assume that Bohemia will suddenly march towards China in a market-oriented manner. The entire company management remains.

According to the current plan, nothing should change in the development of existing titles. Still, we understand the concern of many fans. Because even a “small” purchase on the part of Tencent, of only 10 – 40 %, can have a strong influence on a company’s objectives.

What is Tencents Plan? So far, there is only talk of nurturing the survival game Ylands for the Asian region. Tencent and Bohemia Interactive are not currently planning any further activities.

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