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New gameplay for DayZ Origins Standalone “Taviana: The Origins” shows something that makes the game miles ahead of other survival games!

This is shown: In the recently shared gameplay material from Taviana: The Origins, the developer shows us a glimpse into one of the larger cities of Taviana. However, some buildings are still unfinished.

But the unfinished buildings are not the focus of the new insight. No, a hospital steals attention. There is also a rough release period!

The hospital complex is impressive! Invites you to explore

What other games do: As a survival fan of the more realistic games like DayZ or Tarkov, you probably know this certain type of buildings. Those which appear huge from the outside, but offer you only a few open rooms inside. Most of the rest is then closed or otherwise inaccessible.

Mayak Game Studios, however, simply doesn’t want to do the same with Taviana: The Origins. During the past few weeks they have built a huge, almost completely open hospital complex.

In this, you can explore an incredible amount of rooms from the entrance to the roof and down to the basement. In addition, the design is wonderfully based on the Soviet era and you will find mosaic representations of historical events or high-ranking USSR supporters everywhere. You can also find other “artworks” here!


That’s still missing: If you watch the video, you will quickly see that the general look of Taviana: The Origins has increased significantly in quality, but still looks rather old-fashioned.

Lead developer and CEO of Mayak Game Studios, Martin Bauer promises that this will improve. But how much remains unclear.

How you can support: Do you care about DayZ: Origins or its independent successor Taviana: The Origins? Then you can just join their Discord. Donations are also gratefully accepted!


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