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New gameplay for Taviana The Origins shows why the game world can become the coolest realistic survival sandbox!

That’s the Brave New World: We’ve all been to Russia, on a prison island or in flying arks. These worlds of DayZ, Scum, or Dead Matter are all really incredibly beautiful.

The world of the former DayZ Origins Mod, however, does one thing differently: Gameplay & fairness come before size and appearance. You will now find out why this is a good thing!

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Taviana The Origins: Map design like in Esports

That has happened: In the last developer video for Taviana The Origins, not only we but many users on YouTube criticized that the hospital was too empty. Problems are inevitable:

  • No coverage in firefights
  • Texture tiles are quickly visible and irritating
  • Immersion suffers from a lack of detail

Apparently, the developers at Mayak Games have taken this criticism to heart. Because in the new gameplay of Taviana The Origins we see a school brimming with clutter and debris. That’s the level of detail we want to see!


This is special about the school: Not just the level of detail, but the entire layout of these objects lying around is interesting. The team decided to make interiors fair for fights.

Boxes and other cover options are distributed in such a way that they prevent immediate death when entering the room. The best example of this is the school’s gym.

Similar to various Esports titles, the emphasis is placed on a balanced starting point for possible battles. This approach is not entirely new but is being used for the first time in the survival genre as a guide to design around the world.

However, we do not expect that the forests and meadows will be expanded in this way. This design philosophy is limited to buildings and cities. After Mayak Games carefully tackled this construction site, all they have to do is keep moving.

Taviana The Origins still has these wip Problems

  • Vegetation: The grass, flowers, and bushes look too artificial. This comes from the exaggerated saturation of the colors and the monotony of the vegetation.
  • Animations: As the team acknowledges in the comments on their video, the animations are still too clumsy and awkward. But that should change soon.
  • Player characters: These look much better at the current time than they did at the beginning of the year, they behave realistically or they don’t move. The proportions of the people are also a bit out of hand.

Can you think of any other points that you think should be improved? Then let us know in the comments!

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