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Battlestate Games has released a trailer for Escape From Tarkov, titled Operations Manager, featuring the newest scav boss for the Map Factory, named Tagilla, who uses a sledgehammer.

This is the boss: A few days ago, the developer Battlestate Games presented a trailer that shows the new Factory Boss Tagilla in action. Now there is also a rendered image of him for the first time and that reveals a lot!


Factory Boss Tagilla in Tarkov can do that – Trailer

What the trailer reveals: In the trailer of the new boss, you can discover new parts of the factory map, among other things. Immediately afterwards, the camera pans to a bloody corpse, then to the next one and then to a man with a sledgehammer.

He’s carrying a gun on his back that can’t be seen for the time being. Later it turns out that this is a Saiga 12 with a drum magazine. The Tarkov boss Tagilla doesn’t really seem to need it. The PMC that he knocked to the ground is also finished with this hammer. True to the motto “The thoughts are mash”.

That makes him special: How Tagilla behaves in Tarkov is yet to be revealed. So far, there is no comparable boss. Only Shturman is somehow similar to him, as he carries two weapons as well, an SVD and an AK 105. However, Shturman only uses the SVD.

The question whether Tagilla will also use his shotgun remains open. It would be cool, however, if he only used his hammer to attack from an ambush. In any case, his outfit does not seem to be intended for long-range combat. This was first presented in a Twitter post from a few days ago.

When it comes: Escape From Tarkov’s newest boss is slated to come along with the Factory expansion. Unfortunately, there is no exact date for the update. Update 0.13, which is accompanied by a wipe, should appear after the factory update and still in 2021. This suggests that Tagilla will be introduced in the next 3 to 4 months.


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