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Scott Gimple has confirmed the character Eastman (John Carrol Lynch) for the anthology series “Tales of The Walking Dead.” It is one of the most tragic characters in The Walking Dead.

What is Tales of TWD? Tales Of The Walking Dead is an anthology series that tells a few individual stories related to one or a few characters.

So far it seems that the show is limited to already known characters, often also about already dead ones. Eastman, who treated Morgan’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is now confirmed for the show.


Eastman confirmed: Get your tissues ready

What we know: In season 6, episode 4, Eastman appeared for the first time. Here he locked Morgan in a cell to evaluate whether he could be rid of his PTSD. At this moment Morgan was still suffering from his family’s death.

Before the apocalypse, Eastman was a psychiatrist who made decisions about whether criminals should be reintegrated into society or not. He also tried this approach with Morgan.

After that worked out pretty well, Eastman also taught Morgan Aikido and how to fight with the Bō-Stick. Since then Morgan has always rejected firearms and murders – well up to the latest season of Fear The Walking Dead.

Eastman died that same season when he rescued Morgan from a walker and was bitten himself in the process.


What we’ll see: In the Eastman episode, we’ll see his background. Eastman, like Rick Grimes, simply missed the apocalypse. But not that easy either. He starved the murderer of his family to death for almost two months in the cell in which he would lock Morgan later.

When his vengeance was done, Eastman really wanted to face the authorities.
By the time he got to Atlanta, the city was already overrun by the undead. Most likely, there will also be completely new information about Eastman that we don’t know.

Release of Tales: It’s still unknown when Tales Of The Walking Dead will be aired. So far we only know that it will be one of the follow-up shows to the original series. This ends in 2022 after an extended 11 season.


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