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The Long Dark

The Long Dark Update “Ash Canyon” brings a new region

With the current update, there is another region in The Long Dark. The ash canyon. Also: new game mode & powerful survival items.

Fight wolves in Canada with a Revolver – The Long Dark: Steadfast Ranger Update

The Long Dark has a new update for the survival mode: Steadfast Ranger. We collected the most important details here for you.

The Long Dark – What’s next? An Interview with Raphael van Lierop

We did an interview with Raphael van Lierop. Where we talked about the further of The Long Dark, what their plans are and what will happen after Episode 5.

The Long Dark – May Dev Diary

In May's Dev Diary Raphael van Lierop discussed several new updates and projects for The Long Dark's survival mode. Among the updates will be a new region to explore, a new cooking system, and a new dialogue interface. The updates are expected to be added in late May or early June.

The Long Dark – Preview of the December Update

Get ready for the december update as a new animal will start to roam the woods and you can choose your difficulty at Wintermute.

Behind the Scenes – The 6 Biggest Early Access Titles Whose Plans Went Sideways

The survival genre and the concept of Early Access have always been connected. But they are also the strongest examples for the planned alpha going wrong.

The Long Dark – Final Early Access Update

Hinterland Studio has released their last update for The Long Dark before the finished game release on the 1st of August. Read on to find out what's new.

The Long Dark – Release Date & Episode Info

You won't have to wait much longer for the release of The Long Dark. The release date has been announced and episode information has been unveiled.

The Long Dark – Beginner’s Survival Guide to the Canadian Wilderness

A no spoilers introduction to the different challenges you face when first playing The Long Dark. This guide will not hold your hand but it does tell you what to look out for as you begin the game. We will provide beginners with the best approach for both enjoying every aspect of this multi faceted masterpiece without being overwhelmed.

The Long Dark – Wilderness Survival at Its Most Brutal

A beautiful survival game that strips the genre back to its roots, challenging you to beat the worst that nature can throw at you. Using your head is the key to survival in an environment that is as deadly as it is attractive to the eye.