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The Forest – From Leaving Early Access to VR

After four years in Steam Early Access, Endnight Games's The Forest has finally made a full release. They have also promised the addition of VR capability to their whole game for free.
The Forest

The Forest – Time to Leave Early Access

After four years of early access the survival horror game the forest is finally leaving the early access at the end of the month which will bring a lot of surprises with it.
The Forest

The Forest – A New Trailer for PlayStation 4

While we almost forgot that The Forest on Playstation 4 was still a thing, PSX 2017 helped us out with another trailer and possible release date.
The Forest

The Forest – Patches V0.58, V0.59 & V0.60: Dedicated Servers & New Tool

The Forest has introduced big changes, adding new features and the new dedicated server option. Here's everything from the past 3 updates!
The_Forest_Patch 0.57_update

The Forest – Patch 0.57: Bug Fixes, Improved Enemy A.I. & More

The developers at End Night Games have a new patch ready! In Patch 0.57, they have made several well thought out adjustments to their survival horror title, The Forest. Among these improvements are more polished A.I. enemies, a customisable user interface, new audio features and new particle effects.
The Forest Endnight Games Patch 0.56

The Forest – Patch 0.56: New Particle Effects, Improved Textures and Much More

Endnight Games has released update patch 0.56 for The Forest. There are new particle effects, improved textures and better enemy A.I, read on for more.