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The Forest

Top survival games 2021: The 5 best new games of the genre

Which new, exciting survival games are coming out in 2021? Our top list shows you what we are particularly looking forward to.

The Forest: All crafting recipes at a glance

If you want to survive in The Forest, you should know how to defend yourself. We'll show you all the available crafting recipes for making.

Cheap The Forest Copy “The Jungle” is Still Available in The Steam Store

The Jungle is a survival game launched on Steam. That it is a copy of The Forest would be an understatement.

5 things Sons Of The Forest has to do better than its predecessor

The Forest is a great survival game. But in order for the sequel, Sons Of The Forest to be even better, it has to go a long way.

Sons Of The Forest Trailer Shows First Gameplay & Incredible Graphics

A new trailer for Sons of The Forest has been released and features incredible gameplay! The focus is clearly on AI interaction & physics!

Sons Of The Forest: New Trailer Before Christmas!

A new trailer for Sons of The Forest will be released this week. What the developers will show in it is still unclear.

Sons of The Forest: Developers provide new info in Q&A about The Forest 2

The developers of Sons of the Forest (The Forest 2) have provided new information in a Q&A interview for the first time since the announcement.

The Forest – From Leaving Early Access to VR

After four years in Steam Early Access, Endnight Games's The Forest has finally made a full release. They have also promised the addition of VR capability to their whole game for free.

The Forest – Time to Leave Early Access

After four years of early access the survival horror game the forest is finally leaving the early access at the end of the month which will bring a lot of surprises with it.

The Forest – A New Trailer for PlayStation 4

While we almost forgot that The Forest on Playstation 4 was still a thing, PSX 2017 helped us out with another trailer and possible release date.