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Rust – Visual overhaul and more Weapons since release

Rust has left Early Access almost two months ago. This was a bold move by developers Facepunch Studios and since then they added better graphics and more Weapons to play with.
Rust Feature Image

Rust – Finally leaving Early Access

Rust will finally be leaving Early Access.  After a blog post by Garry Newman on the official website for FacePunch Studios we now have the date, but what does this mean for the future of the game? Leaving...
Devblog feature image.

Rust – Devblog 170: An Ore Gathering Mini-Game, Visual Loot & More

End of July update and Facepunch studio does not fail to deliver the goods. Bringing in new visual experiments as well as a new fun way to mine.
Rust APC Panzer

Rust – Devblog 168: Tanks, Beards & NPC Improvements

Rust Devblog 168 was released a few days ago and with it came some exciting news. Soon we'll be getting hairstyles, A.I updates and a guard dog tank!

Rust – Devblog 166: Nodes, Quarries and Explosions

A new devblog means a great new content like new explosion effects, dropped items from enemies and even crates, grenade physics and fixed despawn times.
Wooden armour man

Rust – Devblog 154: Target Sight, Searchlight & More!

Rust’s Devblog 154 is loaded with new content, bug fixes and technical upgrades. The main features in this update are target sight, the searchlight, server improvement and a large rocket base.