Raft – A future without specific details

A new update has been announced for several weeks for Raft but got hit with some delay. At Gamescom we met with Redbeet interactive to talk about the delay and their further plans.

Raft – Update 1.03 and the Ask Me Anything

Raft just got a new small update which adds a new item and feature. Besides that, the developers did an Ask Me Anything with the community.

Raft – A week since the release

Its been over a week since the survival game Raft arrived on the steam shore. So, let's see what has happened since then, as the developers already added a highly requested item on the first day!

Raft – Oceanic Survivor On Early Access

Raft is an open ocean survival game that is hitting Steam Early Access. The game is being developed by Swedish developers Redbeet Interactive.