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PUBG: New State Takes a Leap into the Future – What to Expect?

PUBG New State is a new iteration of PUBG which is set in the future. The game offers customizing guns and is about to be released on mobile.

PUBG Patch 10.2 brings new vehicle and repuation system to test server

The PUBG update 10.2 brings esport live streams, the Coupe RB and a new reputation system. Plus numerous other changes. All patch notes!

PUBG: Loops Esport Protests For Team Captain! Now disqualified

Loops Esport was disqualified from the PUBG Mobile Global Championship for prostesting over their former team captain Dadin.

What we wish for the future of the survival genre

Survival-Spiele haben uns Mainstream Battle Royale und obskure Nischentitel beschert. Doch wohin geht die Reise? Das wünschen wir uns für die Zukunft.

PUBG – Spectacular Frying Pan Kill

There are many options for enemy kills in PUBG. A spectacular frying pan kill won't get us out of our heads.

PUBG – Spectacular kill series from a moving car

PUBG players keep proving their skills. Like a single Reddit user who kills a whole squad out of a moving car.

PUBG Server Status: Season 10 & Haven started!

The current server status of PUBG does not allow players to log in. But after the maintenance is over, the new map Haven & Season 10 should start. Current status: The PUBG servers are currently offline. You can check the...

PUBG Map Erangel in Real Life & What’s the Real Origin?

Today we dedicate ourselves to the subject of whether the PUBG Map Erangel exists in real life & look at the actual role model of the map! What the Reddit user found: There is a lot on Google Maps that...

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds: This is the new map – location, districts and AI

With PUBG Update 10.1, a new map has come into play with Haven. We show you the structure, the location, the district, and the AI of the map.

PUBG Update 10.1 Patch Notes! New Map Haven & Season 10 are here!

In the PUBG Update 10.1 Patch Notes we find a lot of information about the new Map Haven & Season 10 as well as the new content.