Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game- The Ultimate Slasher Collector’s Edition

While Friday the 13th: the game is in troubled water with the lawsuit going on, fans will soon be able to buy the ultimate slasher collectors edition.

Friday the 13th – Meet the new Character Victoria Sterling!

Victoria Sterling is the newest counselor for Friday the 13th. Her best stats are stealth, stamina, and luck. Victoria will be released for free with the next update.

Friday the 13th: The Game – A Roadmap to Singleplayer

Gun Media are attempting to quell an angry onslaught from the F13 community by telling us what's in store for their online horror game via road map.

Friday the 13th: The Game – Jason Part 4

A new teaser for Friday the 13th: The Game announces that Part 4 of the frenchise is coming. Including a new Jason, maps and weather effects.

Friday the 13th – New Trailer Brimming with Brutality

At PAX East 2017, Gun Media released a new trailer for Friday the 13th: The Game. For those of you who are squeamish, best avoid the video.