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Escape from Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov: The Best AS VAL Build in 12.10

In this guide we want to show you how you can create the best AS VAL build in Escape From Tarkov and also show you where to use it best! Weapon is a plaything, but currently usable: The developers of...

New Shooter “Hired Ops” Started in The Escape From Tarkov Universe

We took a close look at the Free2Play shooter Hired Ops, which is set in the same universe as Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov Arena: Nikita Reveals Changes to The Spin-off

Escape From Tarkov Arena will be modified again. A separate game, no DLC and new game modes are known. Here you find out everything about it.

Escape From Tarkov Update: All Content, Patch Notes & Start

There are many small changes in the new Escape From Tarkov Update 12.9.2. We have summarized the patch notes for you.

Escape From Tarkov: Update 12.10, Factory Expansion & 40,000 Cheaters banned

A new status update for Escape From Tarkov has been released and reports on a factory expansion, update 12.10 and much more.

A weapons expert reacts to Escape From Tarkov and is amazed

Weapons expert Jonathan Ferguson dedicates himself to the topic Escape From Tarkov in a video. It shows how realistic the weapons are.

Escape From Tarkov: Factory Map Guide – Spawns, Exits & Loot 2021

In our guide to the Escape From Tarkov Map Factory, we'll show you everything you need for a successful raid: spawns, exits & loot.

Funny “Leak” About Escape From Tarkov Update 0.13 Shared on Reddit

A supposed leak about Escape From Tarkov Update 0.13 was published yesterday. This apparently shows the new sound design.

Escape From Tarkov: The Best HK416 Build For Every Budget!

In this guide to Escape From Tarkov we present you the best HK416 builds in terms of recoil and ergo! There is a cheap & expensive variant.

Escape From Tarkov: This Tactic Cleans Any Room With Ease

Today we're going to show you an Escape From Tarkov tactic that will help you spy out and clean up any room in the game with ease.