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DayZ Players Demand Volumetric Clouds! We Tell You Why

DayZ fans have been calling for volumetric clouds to come back into the game for a while now. They were removed years ago.

FPS MMO Pioner looks like a mix of EFT, DayZ and Stalker – to be released in late 2021

First impressions of the FPS MMO Pioner suggest a mixture of EFT, DayZ and Stalker. We have details for you!

DayZ EOS Mod wants to change Chernarus forever – snow region & overgrowth

The DayZ EOS Mod wants to revise and improve the entire Chernarus map. There should be snow-capped mountains & overgrown cities

DayZ Esseker started! This is what awaits you on the “The Last of Us” map

The latest DayZ map "Esseker" has started, and we took another look at it. We'll show you what to expect from the "The Last of Us"-Map.

DayZ update 1.12 is live! The most important innovations & patch notes

The new DayZ update 1.12 has been introduced on the live servers and we have the most important innovations that the patch notes reveal.

DayZ Namalsk: New Update Fights Campers – Patch Notes & Start

DayZ Namalsk gets a new update, which, among other things, should fight campers. There are also other changes and bug fixes.

DayZ Namalsk Content Update: New Mysteries, Mechanics & More

DayZ Namalsk gets the first real content update since the release in December 2020. We have all the patch notes for you!

DayZ Namalsk will receive new content in a few days

In December 2020, Namalsk was released, a hotly anticipated mod map for the survival hit DayZ. Now the modder is announcing a first expansion.

DayZ is broken: How One Ammo Type Destroys The Balance

Since the last DayZ update, something has gone wrong, because the new VSS and AS VAL are beasts in combination with certain ammunition. The new meta: fighting in underwear. What happened: The Experimental Update 1.11 for DayZ was released a...

DayZ TV Show “Chernarus”: Fans Release Episode 2

The second episode of the DayZ series made by fans came out today. Again we follow the still nameless character who gets in serious trouble.