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Dark and Light

Dark and Light – First Impressions: Sad Launch for the Fantasy Survival MMO

The fantasy survival MMO Dark and Light has been out for three days now and the reviews do not look good. It seems Snail Games has some work to do.

Dark and Light – Early Access Releases Earlier Than Expected

Snail Games recently revealed a launch trailer and Early Access release date for their fantasy survival RPG Dark and Light.

Dark and Light – Development Update & Fine-Tuning

Snail Games USA's upcoming MMO Dark and Light has entered the fine-tuning phase. Models, textures and animations are being revised and polished. World design is being tweaked to work out bugs on their way to a late 2017 Early Access release.

Dark and Light – New Screenshots Show Excellent Graphics Update

The developers of the upcoming survival MMO Dark and Light revealed pictures of amazing graphical improvements. Take a look at the incredible difference.

Dark and Light – Screenshots Reveal Nature’s Wrath

In a tweet, the developers revealed four new screenshots from their upcoming online fantasy survival, sandbox RPG, Dark and Light. It poses the question, what would your defenses be if nature retaliated against all of your mindless taunting?

Dark and Light – There Is Magic Everywhere

Magic will be both your friend and foe in Dark and Light. Use the elements to tame, transport and cast spells. Beware the power of the native creatures.

ARK: Survival Evolved Saved – Dark and Light Created

How did Studio Wildcard, developers of ARK: Survival Evolved, pay off a $40 million dollar lawsuit? And how did this lead to the creation of Dark and Light?

Dark and Light – New Gameplay Footage Revelations

New footage of the upcoming fantasy-survival Dark and Light has revealed vital information that concerns invasions, farming, skills, and transformations.

Dark and Light – Magic in the House

Dark and Light's crafting system lets you build bases out of magic materials, which begs the question, "how is it 2017 and this isn't a thing yet?"

Dark and Light – Environmental Hazards

Snail Games' fantasy-survival project, "Dark and Light", will feature several impacts on the gameplay surrounding time of the day and weather.