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ARK is about to start Valentine’s Day event “Love Evolved 2”

Studio Wildcard announces the upcoming Valentine's Day event in ARK. Love Evolved 2 offers you various activities and rewards!

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 2.46 on PS4 and Xbox adds more notes and Tek parts – patch notes

The PS4 and Xbox versions of ARK: Survival Evolved have been updated. Patch 2.46 adds new Explorer notes and TEK chest armor.

ARK is planning a New Years event with skins and a very high chibi drop rate

ARK is planning another event for the New Year. Current and old skins can be looted & the drop chance for Chibis is greatly increased.

Ark Gacha Claus Guide: How To Get His Crystals!

This guide is all about the Ark Gacha Claus. We'll show you how to feed him and get his crystals. These you can open for presents!

ARK Update 2.44 brings Winter Wonderland 2020! All Content & Start

The Ark Winter Wonderland 2020 starts in a few days. We have all the content, start date & more for you in this fine article.

ARK 2 launches exclusively for PC and Xbox, what about PlayStation?

ARK 2 has been announced and will be launched exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X|S in 2022. But what about PlayStation players?

Vin Diesel is Executive Producer for ARK 2 and the Animated Series

Actor Vin Diesel is apparently more involved in the production of ARK 2 and the ARK Animated Series than initially assumed.

ARK: The Animated Series follows Helena’s story with a top-class cast

Studio Wildcard is delighting fans with ARK: The Animated Series - a high-profile prequel series to ARK: Survival Evolved - starting in 2022.

Wildcard actually announced ARK 2 – With Vin Diesel

Wildcard has announced the bombshell ARK 2. The well-known character Santiago is embodied in the trailer by Vin Diesel.

Developer Hypes: Ark Survival Evolved 2 at the Game Awards?

Ark Survival Evolved 2 at the Game Awards? At least if we believe the developers which started a Hype on social media about something big.