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Every year the Easter Bunny comes to deliver us some Easter eggs ready to be won by you! Participate in our raffle to win great prizes and video games. What prizec we have and how you can participate above all can be read below – this year we also have a challenge for all the brave players among you.

The raffle ends on April 30, 2017. You and your friends have two weeks to participate, so get in on the action while you still can! In the spirit of Springtime, we at Survivethis want to wish you a happy Easter and lucky hunting in your search for eggs.

Easter Winnings

  • Two sets of 25€ Steam Credits.
  • The Survival MMO Conan Exiles.
  • The Survival MMO ARK: Survival Evovled.
  • More prizes may follow at a later date.

There are two ways you can get your hands on some goodies – why not use both of them and sure up your chances!

The first option will reward you with 3 raffle entrys.

Desperate for those entrys, then comment, like and share our Facebook post – for each action you get a maximum of 3 entrys. You must be a fan of our Facebook page and please remember that we will only be looking at public posts, any private shares are invalid.

If you’re eager to win and want the best chances, we recommend having a go at our small survival quiz on the next page.

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ST-Gewinnspiel-EN-thumbThe second option will reward you with 10 raffle entrys.

The more quesitons you answer correctly, the more raffle entrys you get. Get all 10 questions correct to earn 10 raffle entry points! You can repeat the quiz as many times as you want till you’re satisfied with your result. Then share it publicly on Facebook and mark it @survivethisen.

Be warned, this quiz is no walk in the park. Only true survival veterans will emerge victorious.

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