Many of us here at Survivethis have been anxiously awaiting news about upcoming undead sandbox survival game Survive The Nights. Well, news has arrived in the form of an Alpha Gameplay Trailer! We’ve watched the trailer, so you don’t have to! All joking aside, watch the video for a fresh look at some fairly impressive visuals and gameplay.

Wilderness Survival 101

The 3 minute long trailer is packed with clips highlighting many of the game’s aspects that will make you deliriously desire more news: namely, the release date. Among the items shown were:

  • Resource gathering
  • Moral Choices and Mental State
  • Vehicles – Multipurpose for storage and mobile living
  • Crafting – Logical comprehensive crafting system
  • Maintenance – Maintain weaponry to prevent jamming and misfiring
  • Survival – Live in the wild or stand your ground in town
  • Cooking and water boiling
  • The changing of the seasons
  • Electrics – Provide power to existing circuits and machinery
  • Placement and storage – lockable containers
  • Fortifying and securing structures
  • Find or create traps to catch animals or eliminate enemies

While everything looked great, we were particularly excited to see the varieties of traps shown in operation, and can’t wait to get our hands on an RV. So far, there is no word on whether you can use it as a mobile meth lab though!

Survive The Nights - Storage Unit
The trailer highlights storage shelves with placeable items.

Storefront Updates

In addition to the Alpha Gameplay Trailer, a2z Interactive is proud to announce the release of it’s Humble Bundle Store presence wherein you are able to pre-purchase Survive The Nights.

Survive The Nights - Fishing Spot
A nice little fishing spot with musical accompaniment.

Backer Keys Coming Soon?

Finally, a2z soke briefly about their hopes that the game keys will become available soon for their early backers. One possible delay is due to their desire to smooth out as many issues as possible, so as to limit the number of times backers will have to re-download the game.

Survive The Nights has a fantastic look combined with many elements that give us here at Survivethis high hopes for the game. What about you? Does this new trailer spark any interest in you? What aspects of the game might you be looking forward to? Besides the RV, of course. I’m sure we all want to tool around in that sucker.



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