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In the current market, there are more and more games in the “Survival” area and so you do not lose track of the overview, we have compiled for you a “Survival-Game Overview” of all available and soon appearing Survival-Games.

Whether with zombies, mutants or dinosaurs in a desert, in the tropics, under water or deep snow – there is something for every taste.

Our list is only intended to provide a rough overview of the current and upcoming survival games, probably there is much more in the vastness of the steam cosmos. Do you miss a game in our list that deserves attention? Then contact us!


DayZ is a zombie survival MMO from Bohemia Interactive. As a survivor of an apocalypse, the player starts with little equipment and fights his survival in the harsh world of Chernarus. Zombies and other players make life difficult for you.

Release: EA december 2013


H1Z1: Just Survive is a zombie survival game from Daybreak and DayZ’s biggest competitor in the zombie genre. With H1Z1: King of the Kill Daybreak have created an exciting PVP shooter, which is very popular.

Release: EA 15. january 2015


Rust is a Sandbox Survival MMO from Facepunch Studio. As a stranded one, the player makes his way to the inland of the country to gather resources and build a base. The greatest danger is radioactivity and other players.

Release: EA 11. december 2013

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a Dino-Survivalgame by Studio Wildcard. As a naked character you start on the beach and fight against dinosaurs or tame them. Build a base and survive against other players.

Release: EA 03. june 2015

The Wild Eight

The Wild Eight is a co-op survival game of Eight Points. After a plane crash without a foundation of existence, you find yourself in the midst of snow and ice. This is where your adventure begins.

Release: TBA

Dead Years

Dead Years is an upcoming survival game by the indie studio ZeroByte Inc. where you play a young girl suffering from amnesia and walking with her puppy through a world of zombies.

Release: TBA

Hobo Tough Life

Hobo Though Life is an unusual Survivalgame from the developer Moravia Tales, where you fight as a homeless in a relentless society for your survival and prepare yourself for the approaching winter.

Release: TBA

Shattered Skies

Shattered Skies is a survival shooter of Free Reign Entertainment LLC, which sends you with other players into a destroyed world where horrific aliens – like the necromorphs of Dead Space, are haunting the earth.

Release: 21. july 2016

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a survival shooter MMO from Battle State Games. As mercenaries, you battle with one of two factions through various raids to finally escape Tarkov.

Release: TBA

Reign of Kings

Reign of Kings is a Medieval Survival MMO with high focus on PVP from developer code}{atch. Together with other players you build castles, fight battles and you can even become a king.

Release: EA 16. december 2015

The Fifth Expedition

The Fifth Expedition is a realtime action strategy game from the german developer Snapjaw Games against the background of the survival idea. After four teams fail to secure survival, a fifth team is sent – The Fifth Expedition.

Release: TBA


Judgment is a 2D survival simulation by the developer Suncrash. As a survivor after the outbreak of the Apocalypse, you are looking for a nice spot of earth and begin to colonize the area.

Release: EA 11. april 2016

The Culling

The Culling is an Arena survival game in the style of Battle Royale, developed by Xaviant. There are 16 players on each island. You have 20 minutes to fight. There can only be one winner.

Release: EA 04. march 2016

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game from Funcom. With a single and multiplayer mode, the Open World title will challenge you to survive in the 53km² desolate world.

Release: EA january 2017


Sheltered is a survival management game from the developer team 17 Digital Ltd and Unicube. The game sends you deeply under the earth after a world-wide apocalypse has radiated the world and made life on the surface impossible.

Release: 15. march 2016

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a zombie survival game from the developer The Indie Stone. In the game, you meet hungry zombies, plunder homes, and sometimes rob other survivors

Release: EA 08. november 2013


HELLION is a Space Survival game by the developer Zero Gravity, in which you have to collect essential resources that guarantee survival. HELLION promises realistic dangers in space and puts the focus on the multiplayer experience.

Release: EA january 2017


Unveil is a Survival game by Particle Studios and pursues a completely new concept. The only “enemy” is the environment and nature around you. You fight with your character against hunger, thirst and the weather.

Release: 19. april 2016


Miscreated is a survival MMO from the developers Entrada Interactive. As a survivor after a nuclear war, you try to insist against nature, other players, and the mutants in the wilderness.

Release: EA 30. october 2014


Saurian is a dinosaur survival game from the developer Urvogel Games. In Saurian you will lead a life like a real dinosaur, in a dynamic open world, with intense survival aspects.

Release: TBA

The Isle

The Isle is a dinosaur Survival MMO from the developer “The Isle Development Team”, where you slip into one of three factions. As a dinosaur, a native or a soldier, you fight for survival by various means.

Release: EA 02. december 2015


Miasmata is a survival game of IonFX. You play as the researcher Robert Hughes, who suffers from a fatal illness. The island “Eden” serves as a scientific outpost. Hoping to find a cure.

Release: 28. november 2012

Out of Reach

Out of Reach is a multiplayer survival simulation from the developers Space Boat Studios. The game sets a very intense focus on the base building and fighting features between game groups.

Release: EA 09. june 2015


Subnautica is an underwater survival game by Unknown Worlds. After a spaceship crash, you have to settle down in the extraterrestrial sea and secure your survival by looking for resources.

Release: EA 16. december 2015


Hurtworld is a hardcore multiplayer survival FPS with a focus on deep survival progress from developer Bankroll Studios. Here, the survival aspect of the game is not to become a side issue, but constantly a threat.

Release: 04. december 2015

The Black Death

The Black Death is a global multiplayer survival game in the darkest time of the Middle Ages by the developer Syrin Studios & Small Impact Games. Place of action is a descended land in which the plague rages.

Release: EA 19. april 2016

Osiris New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn is a new survival adventure that takes us on a alien planet. For the three-piece developer team of Fenix Fire Entertainment, the Early Access title becomes a PC debut.

Release: EA 28. september 2016

The Forest

The Forest is a horror survival game from Endnight Games. As a survivor of a plane crash, the player is looking for his son abducted by cannibals. On a densely wooded island the player fights against cannibals, monsters and the weather.

Release: EA 30. may 2014


Lifeless is a survival shooter with a focus on PVE, developed by Rigid Soft. As a survivor of a devastating plague, the player joins one of two factions, fights against zombies, collects resources and deals with the faction NPCs.

Release: EA 16. june 2016

The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a survival game from Hinterland Studios. As a bushpilot in the icy wilderness, the player tries to resist the weather as long as possible. The greatest danger is the nature itself – wolves, bears, snowstorms and icy temperatures sets your life in danger.

Release: EA 22. september 2014

New Dawn

New Dawn is a survival game by the Italian developer e-visualsoft that sends the player to the 18th century. On a tropical island you collect resources, build your camp and defend yourself against pirates. Slaves can also be held by the player, who must also take care of them.

Release: TBA

Empyrion: Galactical Survival

Empyrion: Galactical Survival is a sandbox space survival game from the developer Eleon Game Studios. The player survives in the harsh space, but can also land with his space ship on planets to gather resources there.

Release: EA 05. august 2015

Solus Project

The Solus Project of Hourences and Grip Games puts the player on a deserted planet. The player must reveal the secrets of the planet and try to contact the Earth. The story is told in episodes.

Release: 07. june 2016

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is a horror survival game by the developer The Fun Pimps. The player survives in an open game world against hordes of zombies. Build a safe base during the day and defend it at night. Gather resources, build, survive!

Release: EA 13. december 2013