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After being in early access since 2014, the beloved underwater survival Subnautica will be fully released on PC at January 23rd. As this marks the beginning of a new journey the developers, Unknown Worlds Entertainment, will live stream the release, with actual sea creatures as background.

Get your diving gear ready

The release of Subnautica will surely be special as the developer will stream the release from an aquarium in Monterey. In fact, if you watch the stream you will see the developers pushing the red launch button, which will take the game out of the early access. Furthermore there are interviews with the developers as well as the premiere of the Subnautica cinematic trailer.

Subnautica Release Stream
Want to know the exact time for your time zone? By clicking the imagine you will get directed to the special countdown.

Let’s take a look back

Now that we know when the release date is, let’s take a look back at the latest big update. In December Subnautica got the so-called Eye Candy update, giving the game a graphical overhaul as well as a total of 250 bug fixes.

However, if you watch the Eye Candy trailer you will see that the old graphics are clearer compared to the new ones, which didn’t appeal to everyone. But don’t worry, at the in-game settings you are able to play with the following settings: Chromatic aberration, bloom, lens artefacts, dithering, motion blur, colour grading and depth of field. Because of this, you are partly in charge of how the game looks graphical wise. But that’s not all, as abandoned bases now feature voice-overs by new voice actors. Making the update not only a blessing for the eyes but also for the ears.

On January 23rd the game will be fully released for both Windows and Mac versions on steam. However, the Xbox players will have to wait a bit longer, as the developers still have some work planned for the current Xbox version of Subnautica.


SOURCEUnknownworlds - Official
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