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With the release of Subnautica Below Zero, console and PC gamers will soon be heading back to the ocean planet 4546 B and to one of the poles there! The new trailer shows how stressful life is there.

Soon full version: The standalone add-on Subnautica Below Zero will appear as a full release soon on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. The new trailer not only humorously shows how exhausting life in the icy sea is, but it also reveals the release date!

Subnautica Below Zero release trailer shows: it’s off to the ice in May

The trailer shows that: In the latest trailer for Subnautica Below Zero, you can watch an older man at work. Sipping coffee, he sits in the cockpit of his Cyclops submarine and enjoys the view. If it weren’t for this giant fish, which first drifts peacefully in front of it, but then attacks the boat.

So our elderly man has to get out of the submarine and start the repairs. From here on, misfortune haunts him and he becomes more annoyed by the minute. But of course we don’t want to reveal everything, so take a look for yourself.

When & what to expect: Subnautica’s Below Zero add-on is slated for release on May 15, 2021, on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One & X/S, and PC. Then you can explore the icy wilderness of the apparently cursed alien planet 4546 B on current and next-gen as well as the PC.

Here, however, you have to expect even more evil creatures than in the base game of Subnautica. Obviously, in these cold conditions. Here every being has to fight for absolutely bare survival.

SOURCESubnautica Official via YouTube
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