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Twitch GTA RP streamer Whippy was honest with his community and talked about his apartment in the shed & the troubles he goes to for his mother – the whole thing has a happy ending.

In a shed? The US Twitch streamer Whippy, who primarily plays GTA-RP, mentioned in a stream that he lives in a shed. That shocked many of his fans, who, thanks to their support, they are able to breathe a sigh of relief. You can now find out how things are with Whippy.

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That’s why the Twitch streamer Whippy lives in a shed

Why this situation? In a GTA-RP stream yesterday (March 7th, 21st) the streamer was asked about something that led him to clarify his private circumstances. He told thousands of spectators that he had to live in a shed with a tin roof because of his mother.

She was apparently ripped off by Whippy’s ex-spouse and father. She remains on her home with all the debt. The streamer supports his mother financially and gives her a lot of money. So much, to be precise, that he cannot afford an apartment of his own.

Living in his mother’s house is out of the question for the streamer, he wants to keep his independence and not be a burden on his already stressed mother.


This is what is happening now: For those of you who were worried, there is good news. CauseWhippy not only mentioned that he lives in a shed, but also that he would be moving out there soon.

The reason for this is the poularity that he gained in the last few days and weeks thanks to GTA RP. With a few thousand subscribers ($4.99 per month), Whippy can finally afford to move out of his streamer shed. He will continue to give his mother financial support.

If you would like to support Whippy with his “Get out of the shed” project, or just want to know who is behind this story, visit his livestream channel on Twitch.

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