Stranded Deep 027 Experimental Update

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Experimental update 0.27 has been released for survival game Stranded Deep. This update implements a new mining feature that allows you to resource clay and rock.

Players can use the new tool, a “Refined Pick”, to collect the clay and rock available around island. Clay can be found under the water that surrounds the islands, while rock can be found on the islands. Rocks are generally used to craft items such as the Hammer and Crude Ax, though they also offer durability for fire-pits. Clay may be turned into Clay Bricks for building foundations, and it is also the key component for the Clay Water Bottle.

This update for Stranded Deep has also addressed a save problem that players have encountered when attempting to save their own maps. The cause of the issue appeared to stem from the game being saved in the program files folder, which may cause problems with user permission settings. To fix this problem, the location of the game’s data has now been saved to the user folder. Instructions on how to move your current saved data can be found in this linked tutorial taken from Steam.

Stranded Deep Patchnotes

Bug Fixes

  • Smoked meat will no longer revert to normal after being stored in a container.
  • Item names are now consistent.


  • Created items will be automatically picked up when possible.
  • Data and save file location moved to user’s folder.
  • The Clay Water Bottle will start out empty.

New Features

  • New Mining system.
  • New Pick item.
  • New Rock resource.
  • New Clay resource.

Dev Note

  • Reduced performance overhead when crafting and loading in new items.



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