Stranded Deep 029 Update

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Beam Team Games, developers of the survivor simulator Stranded Deep, have released the experimental update 0.29 will all new animations, effects, another workbench and a waterskin.

0.29 Features

The new workbench is another craftable station titled the Plank Station. Through a process called riving, you’re going to be able to create wooden planks from logs. This introduces some interesting opportunities for crafting and design. Next we have the new Leather Waterskin, perfect for storing water on long journeys. This waterskin will definitely be an upgrade from carrying around a coconut, but it may not be as effective as the Clay Water Bottles.

0.29 will also be fiddling with Player Status Effects, so get ready to feel the wrath of the elements. Spending extended periods of time working outside in the blistering heat is going to leave you sunburnt; and of course without a campfire at night you’re going to get cold. The pain won’t stop there either; being sunburnt or cold are gateways to more serious illnesses such as flu and heatstroke if not properly treated. It’s now important to keep an eye on your character’s vitals. Listen out for the new audio cues for the different status effects. The Watch will help you keep tabs as well as display any current effects on your character. The severity and details of both illnesses and injuries are going to be explored further in later patches.

Stranded Deep now finally has a Game Over screen and a proper death animation! Now when you meet your untimely demise, you’ll be shown the cause of death and days survived before being ferried off to the home screen.

0.29 Patchnotes


  • Changed Watch to display the player’s status effects on additional screen.
  • Changed Sail and Motor placement to use rotating keys.
  • Increased Clay Waterbottle servings from 4 to 5.
  • Added new Main Menu soundtrack.


  • New Plank Station!
  • New Leather Waterskin item!
  • New Player Effects!
  • New Game Over Screen.
  • New Death animation.



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