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Beam Team Games has released an experimental build version 0.26.00 for their plane-crash survival title, Stranded Deep. The update introduces a roof building system which allows players to create “an authentic looking island hut!”

Stranded Deep: HGTV Edition

This system allows customisation in both materials and design. As far as composition is concerned, there’s two new options for roofing: Wood/Thatched and Clay/Brick. The developers have stated that most designs will be possible through 4 different roof pieces.

New Roof system
Home sweet home with my shark.

Although the addition aims to inject life into the experience, it looks like it came at a cost. With the roof system’s introduction, structural support mechanics have been removed. Beam Team Games explain that, although crafting realistic structure mechanics was rewarding, they felt it strayed from the intended goal. They stressed, “Stranded Deep is not intended to be a building simulator.” To make matters worse, there were regular reported complaints that the structural system was confusing.

For any players in mourning over Stranded Deep’s new direction, the developers promise to fill that void. They state that the next update will include a new tool as well new options for gathering resources.



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