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The Steam Summer Sale is finally here, and Lord Gaben has promised us another bountiful bundle of deals! Our prayers have been answered; we can finally get our hands on some of the more questionably priced survival and horror titles. We here at Survivethis have taken the time to list all the relevant discounts, so let’s start shopping!

Survival & Horror in the Steam Summer Sale

This year’s Steam Summer Sale will run from the 22nd of June to the 5th of July, giving us two more days to shop than last year! Have you got a little extra cash lying around and are looking for a fun filled survival summer? Then why not take a gander at our list of survival and horror games that are currently cheaper than ever before!

Dead by Daylight A multiplayer horror survival in a slasher movie setting. -40% £8.99
This War of Mine A side-scrolling wartime survival game. -80% £2.99
This War of Mine – The Little Ones DLC Learn to see war through a child’s eyes. -50% £1.74
Rust An Early Access multiplayer survival game where a rock is your best friend. -50% £7.49
ARK: Survival Evolved A first-person survival sandbox where you must craft, construct, kill and tame dinosaurs till you rule the ARK. -51% £11.26
The Forest Explore and survive as the lone survivor of a plane crash in a forest full of cannibals. -33% £7.36
Subnautica A survival open-world exploration of an alien ocean. -50% £7.49
Miscreated A hardcore multiplayer survival game set in a post-apocalyptic future. -50% £7.49
7 Days to Die A unique combination of first-person shooter and tower defence. Survive against zombies in an open-world setting. -60% £7.59
The Long Dark A single-player arctic exploration and survival experience that will have a campaign very soon. -60% £10.79
DayZ An Early Access zombie apocalypse like no other. -15% £19.54
Metro Redux Bundle Get Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux at a fraction of the price. Explore the underground society of Russia after a nuclear war. -75% £6.24
Outlast A single-player, camera-shot horror that’ll scare the socks off you. -85% £2.24
Outlast 2 If you thought the first one was scary… -20% £18.39
State of Decay: YOSE A beautifully remastered single-player zombie survival. -67% £7.58



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