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The developers Undead Labs shared the final gameplay trailer of their survival-horror game State of Decay 2. But, in just a few weeks you will be able to experience the gameplay yourself as the release is set for May 22nd.

How do you survive out there?

With the release of the new trailer, it allows players to prepare themselves for the launch in just two weeks. While the trailer shows the important elements such as; base building and fighting zombies one important message gets shared as well.

”You need to play to your strength”

Not much of a surprise you would say. Yet, in State of Decay 2 its important to remember that each of the characters has its own strength. While one is a builder, another one is better in fighting. Each of these characters tells which strength they value the most in a world full of zombies. However, as one says: The key is hard work.

Yet, it isn’t just a happy story as you will need to know when to give and when to take away, as not only your life is at stake but also the others in the community. But in the end, the real secret isn’t about teamwork it’s about:

”Aiming for the head”

State of Decay 2 will release on May 22nd. However, if you pre-ordered the ultimate version you are able to play four days before the release. The game is an Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive and is accessible in the Play-Anywhere program from Microsoft. In addition, State of Decay 2 will release with a Co-op option, which works quite differently than we are used to.


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