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In 2016 it got announced that the popular open world survival zombie game State of Decay will get a successor with State of Decay 2. This month the release date as well as the price got announced with pre-orders already available.

A pleasant surprise

In State of Decay 2 you will have to survive the hordes of zombies in an open world. The game features RPG-elements such as character progress, base building and choices that affect your game. Made by Undead Labs, State of Decay 2 will release for the Xbox One and Windows 10 as a Play Anywhere title.

The price of the game turned out to be lower than most fans expected it to be. The standard edition will go for 30 euro while the ultimate edition is going for 50 euro. However, the ultimate edition includes the independence pack with new weapons, gear and vehicles and the Daybreak pack where you can fight zombies in a new game mode. In addition, the ultimate edition allows you to play four days before the official release as well as a copy of State of Decay. So, why did they decide to put the standard edition at the current price? Aaron Greenberg of Games marketing had this to say about it: 

“Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with the State of Decay community and to foster deeper experiences with the franchise. We believe State of Decay 2 accomplishes this goal by immersing fans in the ultimate zombie survival fantasy, and we want to give more players the opportunity to join in and experience this unique game.”

The game will release on May 22nd and owners of the ultimate edition will be able to play on May 18th. As it promises a four-player co-op multiplayer, make sure to tell your friends as well.


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