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It might not be a surprise but a multiplayer option will be added to the upcoming zombie survival game State of Decay 2 by Undead Labs. Yet, how it works or looks like wasn’t completely clear yet. Our colleagues from IGN had the chance to talk to the developers about it.

”The goal really was about cooperation, about helping each other out and the best way to do that is being able to get into somebody’s game and be added to their community.”-Richard Foge

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When State of Decay came out a lot of players gave their feedback regarding it not having a multiplayer option. The developers listened closely to this and decided to add multiplayer to the upcoming successor. In the course of the State of Decay 2 month at IGN FIRST, studio boss Jeff Strain and design director Richard Foge talked about the co-op mode.

However, the multiplayer mode of State of Decay 2 doesn’t work as you would expect as the host has to start-up his own game to let others join. You have the choice to invite your friends to the game or use the flare gun, which sends out a help request to the public.

As the game progresses you can recruit survivors to let them join your community. Just as in the first game you can switch between the characters which will also play a role in the multiplayer. When you join a hosted game, you select one of your own characters which will then support the other player in his missions. If you leave the game the character will receive certain rewards, but you won’t get the story progression. However, when your character dies during multiplayer you will lose him in your main game as well. Also, one of the most interesting features, the base construction, is only accessible by the host. Players who joined can’t build, break or manage the base. This way you can play with your friends but they can’t mess anything up.

Invite your friends or use a flare to make your game accessible to the public.

So, if you want to experience the complete game with your friends you have to make your own progress in the story as only the host itself will enjoy all the features. The reason for this is that Undead Labs sees multiplayer as a pastime where you join your friends or help out random players to get some good multiplayer rewards. You can briefly help others and then quickly return to your own game. While co-op might be defined differently it’s at least better than having no multiplayer at all.



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