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The Hunt: Showdown soundtrack is awesome! I think we can all agree with that. Now it is even storming the Spotify charts & that, even though we know a cooler version.

Hunt: Showdown on Spotify: As developer Crytek announced on Twitter, “Rise Up Dead Man” has reached a gigantic streaming mark. Not surprising, since the theme is among the best gaming soundtracks ever!

This version is even better! Hunt: Showdown storms Spotify

Original & Vocal: What many players and fans of Hunt: Showdown don’t even know is that besides the pure humming melody there is also a song that has vocals in it.

The track comes from the “Port Sulfur Band“, which is not only responsible for the main theme, but also many other songs of the game and it’s trailers that you can listen to on Spotify.

Now the song “Rise Up Dead Man” has hit over a million Spotify streams. That may not be much for international artists or those who buy streams, but for a sneak game á la Hunt: Showdown is gigantic.

We think this version is better: No question about it, Port Sulfur Band has created an unbelievably fitting and atmospheric catchy tune. However, there is another variant of the song.

So the Youtuber Joe Garth has published his very own interpretation. The whole thing more than a year before the first officially sung version of the song was released. Here is his song!

More iterations: There is hardly a video game soundtrack that has been reissued more often by fans or the studio. If you’re up to date, your ears should have been vibrated last by the Halloween theme.

However, there are many more versions of Hunt: Showdown’s Rise Up Dead Man:




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