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The new Steam Humble Bundle is horror themed and available until Tuesday the 5th of September. They were kind enough to provide some popular horror games such as Alien: Isolation, as well as lesser a few lesser known indie games to sink our teeth into. For less than £10 you’ll get all these awesome games and have the chance to send your money to a charity of your choosing!

What Is the Humble Bundle?

This Steam bundle can include various types of e-books, programs or in our case; video games. As with many previous humble bundles, a percentage of the money will go towards a list of sponsored charities. The games overall usually equate to over £100, but now you can choose just how much you’re willing to spend and give to charity for them. There are certain tiers available to choose from. If you’re short on cash, then why not pay just £1 for the first tier of games. If you’re looking purchase the entire bundle, then the price is going to be closer to £10. After deciding how much you want to spend, you can choose how much of your money you want to send to charity, the developers and the bundle itself.

Spooky Horror Bundle

Here’s what you get with each tier if you invest in this Humble Bundle:

Pay what you want (at least one US $): 

  • Dead Age
  • Dread Out
  • Dread Out: Keepers of The Dark
  • Lakeview Cabin

Pay more than the average (currently £5.96): 

  • Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition
  • Alien: Isolation
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Pay $10 (about £7.72):

  • Dead by Daylight

After purchase, you’ll get these spooky games sent straight to your Steam library ready for installation. If you already own one of the games, why not send it to one of your friends and allow them to enjoy it! Personally, I think this generous bundle will be keeping me busy for a while.


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Starting with Silent Hill on the PS1, my interest in horror has only grown along with the market. Whilst I enjoy every kind of game and play them frequently, it was always a genre that stood out to me. Along with this, my writing has only grown and I now love to write stories, read books and watch movies as well as my frequent gaming. I like almost every genre, but horror is a favourite.


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