A new Battle Royale has emerged on Steam’s Early Access, SOS by developer Outpost Games, Inc. This one is definitely a title that’s unique, bringing the feel of a TV reality show.

The Experience

When you first spawn in on the island you will be equipped with only a flashlight to illuminate the many dark areas on the map. You will have to find weapons as you go, as well as mushrooms if you are infected by monsters. The monsters in question will be a common encounter as they populate almost all of the landmarks you will visit around the map. While avoiding them will sound like a good idea it might not be if you plan to escape first, as some of them will carry one of the three relics you need to escape the island.

Once you have a relic it will be even more important to keep your eyes on the players around you as they may try to steal it for their own escape. Your teammates will also need to get their own relics to escape, so if they don’t have find one they may try to get their hands on yours. But not to worry, if there is time you and your team can track down other players to steal their relics to get you all out. Just remember not everyone will always get a relic so when the end gets near you need to keep your distance of those you suspect to betray you.

A monster in SOS

Social Battle Royale

Being social is a big part of SOS, with only 15 other contestants on the island you will run into them often. You are going to have to manipulate some of the others with your voice to win their trust in hopes of getting them to help you along the way. Remember, your voice will be the most important way to win someones trust so you need to remember to play nice to gather a team. Once you gain the trust of someone you can team up with them by giving them a high-five.

The people you team up with are going to be crucial to survival as there are many dangers such as monsters and other players. Other players aren’t the only ones you are going to have to worry about smooth talking either, there is an in-game audience including fallen contestants and stream viewers if you are streaming, this feature is powered by HeroTV. The way the audience votes for you will be what determines your in-game title so be aware of what your actions are as the audience will be able to alter your title for other players to see.

View of an audience member in SOS.


SOS really redefines the genre of Battle Royale and it isn’t nearly finished yet. In conclusion the developers are hard at work on making this unique and we can hope to see it progress within the year.


SOURCESOS Outpost Games
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