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The second trailer for Sons Of The Forest was released today. The gameplay & graphics look incredible. Physics & AI behavior are clearly in the focus!

New trailer released: A year ago, during the Game Awards 2019, we saw the first trailer for Sons Of The Forest. A little over a year later, just before Christmas, we get an early gift from developer Endnight Games. In a new Sons Of The Forest trailer, the gameplay looks so detailed that we cannot help but be amazed.

Sons Of The Forest Trailer: Content You Could Have Missed!

What the Trailer shows: In the trailer, we first see the helicopter crash, which seems all too familiar to us. Afterward, however, a beautiful forest landscape is cut, with a huge mountain in the distance! The breathtaking graphics immediately catch our eye.

The protagonist is holding a GPS device in his hand with a target point on the display: A sign of a more linear story?

In the next scene, the character is in a snowy area. We can see the old wooden felling animation, this time with a lot more particles. He brings this wood to a hut with solar panels.

More about Sons Of The Forest

And who is sitting there? A woman with three legs. We also know her from the first trailer and apparently, she is not a new type of enemy, but an ally. But let’s go into the gameplay further!


This is the combat system

We are also presented with some fight scenes. In these it is made clear to us: Firearms & ranged weapons are the new sh*t. However, interpretations are deceptive, because in an FAQ with the developers we learned that hand-to-hand combat is still dominating. And so, the weapons we spotted in the trailer are:

  • Axe
  • Pistol (USP)
  • Shotgun
  • crossbow
  • Electric taser

New enemies: At least in the trailer, the enemies react incredibly precisely to their wounds. If you shoot a native with the pistol in the left lower abdomen, he goes down and worries about his injury. Opponents also seem to be scared of you if a fight turns in your favor. But whether this also applies to the many new mutants remains unclear:

  • Native with a golden mask (Probably main antagonist)
  • Normal but newly designed natives
  • Siamese native crawling on the ground
  • A creepy Mutant with a lot of fingers sticking out of a hole in his body

The new unique base building

The first thing we discover in the Sons Of The Forest building system is how our character cuts a tree trunk in half to create a floor or foundation. For comparison: In the first The Forest, we simply placed blueprints and then added logs with left click.

Now the crafting of doors and windows also works interactively and not via blueprint. So we’ll just hack windows into the wall instead of just placing them. Also, our enemies no longer beat walls until they burst, they literally dismantle them and steal the building material – damn griefers.

Conclusion: Not much else is known, except that Sons Of The Forest is planned to be released sometime in 2021. When exactly remains a secret for the time being. What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments.


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