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New information is available about Sons of The Forest. These reveal where the survival game will be played, that it has seasons & all that you can discover new.

Why it’s going to be big: Sons of The Forest is supposed to be much bigger than its predecessor. In an interview with the magazine, the developers revealed many new details, such as the change of season mentioned at the beginning, the map or the information that the game will be a sequel.


That’s the Sons of The Forest Map: Seasons, Resources & More

That’s the map: In the first The Forest you hardly had to move from the spot. All resources were practically on site. In Sons of The Forest it should be different. Here the players are supposed to be forced to move across the map.

This should be achieved primarily through the change of the seasons. With these you have to get used to when looking for food. The developers explain it this way:

Winter covers everything with snow. In autumn, maple leaves turn orange and fall from trees. In summer, salmon jump upstream and turtles lay eggs on the beach, for example.

The map itself will be on “Site 2”. This second location, which was also changed by one of the mysterious artifacts, was already made out at the end of the first The Forest. Here, Timmy (the son you have to save in Part 1) had a whole bulletin board full of information about the artifacts. The developers confirm in the interview that this is actually the map of Sons of The Forest.

sons-of-the-forest-mapSuper smart artificial intelligence has feelings

Incredible promises: In the interview, the developers of Endnight Games explain their sometimes unbelievable project. With a new technology, called V.A.I.L, the opponents in the game should react extremely realistically to the presence of the player and his presence.

In the recently released trailer, you could already see how the mutants and natives stole parts of the player base instead of simply tearing them down. Your actions are calculated in detail with the help of emotions. Natives can:

  • be hungry and thirsty
  • be scared
  • bored 
  • be infuriated
  • more

These emotions then influence the decisions of the AI. How much the whole thing really comes into play in the end remains to be seen.

Sons Of The Forest Trailer Shows First Gameplay & Incredible Graphics

These are the fights: Apart from new behavior patterns, the AI in Sons of The Forest should also be more coordinated than in the predecessor. They are supposed to lead complex and strategic attacks against your base. They will also use your machines, zip lines, or weapons of defense against you if they see a chance.

What do we know about the release? Basically there is not much that we know of. The only thing that is certain is that the developers want to continue supporting Sons of The Forest after the launch. The team did not want to reveal whether the launch was an early access title or a full release.

SOURCEEscapist Magazine
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