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The developers of Sons of the Forest (The Forest 2) have given new information for the first time since the announcement in a Q&A interview via YouTube.

It was quiet for a long time: Until now, developer Endnight Games has been reluctant to reveal any new information about The Forest Sequel Sons of The Forest. But now they are breaking their silence by offering some YouTubers a Q&A.

You can now find out what answers the YouTube Q & A’s and the demand from Survivethis produced!

Sons of The Forest Q&A – New firsthand information

The Forest 2 should never exist: First a little trivia that might shock one or the other fan. Because Sons of The Forest should never actually be created.

In previous interviews, the team promised that their next game would be something that has never happened before. With a strong focus on artificial intelligence. It was only in the course of development that you noticed internally that it could go very well with The Forest 2. But now to the Q&A!

the forest patch 0.62 dedizierte server update
Leave my son alone, you twat..!

1. What technical improvements will there be?

Developer answer: New rendering & lighting effects can be used with the newer version of Unity. Especially weather effects are more convincing than before. When it rains, you can also see drops on the weapons.

As in the first part, water flows over stones and the ground, but can now also freeze.

2. When will Sons of The Forest be released & will it be Early Access?

Answer: We plan to release Sons Of The Forest (The Forest 2) in 2021. In the course of this, we will then share more information about the process of the launch.

3. What will the building system look like?

Answer: As in the first game, building bases & other structures will play a big role. We are working to make the building system even more immersive and accessible.

We also want to give players even more options to express their creativity.

the forest baumhause

4. What is the update-policy of Sons of The Forest?

Answer: The countdown system we used works pretty well. It’s helpful to let players know if an update is being worked on and when it should be released.

5. Will there be new creatures?

Answer: Yes, Sons Of The Forest will have new enemy types. A whole new breed of monsters and cannibals. But the worm (John) will not return.

the forest 2 traileranaylse mutant

6. When will there be a new trailer?

Answer: We are about to finalize new material that we can show. That was supposed to be shown earlier in 2020, but the year has been challenging for us. We hope that we can present a new trailer before the end of 2020.

7. Will there be Steam Workshop support?

Steam Workshop is a mod platform where players can share their own creations with others.

Answer: Yes, it is very likely that we will be adding this to Sons Of The Forest (The Forest2)!

8. Are there any plans for the first The Forest?

Answer: No, we are currently fully focused on the sequel Sons of The Forest.

9. Will Sons of The Forest appear on PlayStation?

Answer: At the moment we have not confirmed any other platforms than the PC and are currently only working on this version.


10. Sons of the Forest has firearms: how much are they in focus?

Answer: The few firearms that will exist have very limited ammunition. This means that the focus of the combat system is still on hand-to-hand combat.

Players have to decide for themselves if and when they want to use the few balls. You can use it to kill simple enemies or save ammunition in an emergency.

the forest 2 traileranaylse shotgun

11. Will there be new options for basic defense?

Answer: We will be introducing new types of traps and along with the other building upgrades we hope that players can get more creative when it comes to defending their base.

Our conclusion on the Q&A from Sons of The Forest

This is what we think of the changes: We are satisfied with what has been announced so far. On the subject of “defense of the grassroots”, however, we hope that this will be fundamentally changed.

In the first The Forest, the basic defense consisted of the fact that, despite the huge walls, we always had to storm outside to defeat the opponents. Of course, there was the catapult, which allowed us to distribute from the inside as well.

But let’s be honest, the catapult was a botch. The walls themselves should have a kind of battlements, it requires stationary weapons and mechanisms that can be triggered from within the base in order to cause damage outside!

the forest giant castle bauwerk


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