In September 2015 Frictional Games, the developers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, published their new horror game SOMA, which takes place under the Atlantic ocean. Now, two years later, the game gets another life by bringing it to Xbox One with a new playable mode.

Just the Story

In SOMA you get stuck in an underwater facility called PATHOS-II. Your job is to figure out the truth behind the lockdown by reading secret documents and travelling through the terminals. While doing this you will encounter corrupted humans, insane robots and twisted creatures, which you have to outsmart or simply escape from. This might sound like a true horror game yet the focus lays more on the narrative-heavy sci-fi experience and according to the developers the creatures merely got added to make the world feel alive and reflect particular concepts.

Yet it turned out not everyone is a big fan of getting chased and terrorized by dangerous creatures, meaning they were never able to get the full experience of the story. Because of this, the developers decided to add a safe mode to the console version. In this mode there are no hostile encounters so you can completely focus on what the story has to offer.

On the first of December you are able to buy SOMA with the Safe mode implemented in the Xbox Store. The safe mode will also come to the PlayStation, but here players will have to wait a bit longer.



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