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In survival games it often happens you have to survive the harsh environment and locals, which is already difficult enough in most situations. But how will you survive when you are shrunken to the size of a tiny creature and even butterflies are enormous for you? Smalland, in development by a new turkish studio, Embu Games, is asking that question in their upcoming game.

Why am I so Small?

Suddenly you find yourself shrunken in the woods and you have no idea why. Are you the only one? How did it happen? But mostly: how will we get back to a normal size again? All these questions will have to wait because surviving is the greatest challenge. You will be able to do this by building a house or hide in a hollowed out tree or cave. The developers haven’t talked much about the crafting system yet but are trying to make it as creative as possible. The trailer already shows the use of toy train and small rafts for travelling. If their upcoming Indiegogo campaign is a success the developers might add taming and rideable animals to the game. But for that to happen they need to hire more developers.

Challenge the Ecosystem

One of the core elements of the game is the lively Ecosystem. This begins with the animals, just as you they will need to survive and don’t be suprised if some ants steal your food or a rabbit thinks you are looking pretty tasty. They are also able to kill each other, changing the animal population in the progress. But that’s not all you have to worry about.

Firstly, your survival depends on how you react to the weather and if you are able to adapt to it. Rain is always annoying but in this game it might be your dead, as a simply puddle will be dangerous for a small creature as you. When it’s raining for a long period the surface will be flooded, making it dangerous to be on the ground. Because of this it might be smart to build your base on a higher surface.

The effect of both the wind and the rain on the world and your buildings.

Secondly, Wind places a big role in the game as it will make or break you. When building a base you have to make sure the wind won’t be able to blow it away or destroy it, you can do this by making the building stronger or choose the right place to build it. The wind will also blow your characters away if you are not carefull. Of course it’s not all dramatic, you can use the wind for your own greatness and fun.

Planned Release

Smalland won’t be a huge multiplayer game. Instead, you are able to see your rank on the world’s leaderbord and if you don’t like single player you can play Co-Op with up to 8 friends. If everything goes well for Embu Games and their Indiegogo campaign works out as planned, the game will be released in summer 2018.



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