Silent Descent


Silent Descent, a game by Deceptive Games Ltd, got into steam as an early access game over three months ago. It’s a first-person horror game, with inspiration from P.T. Silent Hills. With the full release date set at January 31st, we take a look at the game and the latest update.

 Over and over again

”In 2009, a man named Samuel Harris was arrested for the death of his wife Maria. Later that year while awaiting his trial, Samuel hung himself in his cell. Some cheered, for in their minds he was a monster, destined for Hell. Others say, due to his suicide, he will be forever tormenting in the space between Heaven and Hell; Purgatory. ”  – Father James Francis.

And that’s exactly what happened to poor Samuel, being stuck in an endless loop with no sights of escaping the house. To get access to new rooms and progress through the story you will have to collect information and items, which will help you to solve the different puzzles that are around the place. When we take a look at the trailer we slightly get an idea about the layout of the house. However, it seems you aren’t alone in there as monsters from the afterlife are roaming around. The atmosphere of the game looks promising and we should prepare for some jump scares.

At January 25th the game got updated with a total of 10 new levels. This means that you are now able to complete the story. However, the story isn’t 100% finished yet, so expect some changes at the release. In Addition these updates got followed with optimisation and tweaks to the world as well as a subtitle toggle in the menu settings.

The Inspiration

While P.T Silent Hills got cancelled and many players got upset about that, it became an inspiration for other games such as Allison Road and Visage. In addition we can add Silent Descent to that list. In both games you are stuck in a house, were written text on the walls will give you hints about the story and puzzles. As fast as the trailer tells us, the interior of the house might remind you of P.T. However, if you are a fan of the genre, you might take a look at Silent Descent.



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