Secret Neighbor Disguise


Developer TinyBuild has revealed a multiplayer sequel to Hello Neighbor titled Secret Neighbor. In Secret Neighbor, players will team up to search the neighbor’s house to find and rescue a friend locked away within the house.

Don’t Trust Anyone

Secret Neighbor takes place between Acts 1 and 2 of Hello Neighbor, where the player is captured and locked away in the basement of the house. From here Secret Neighbor picks up and players play as four kids who have to find several keys while defending themselves against the neighbor. The big catch in Secret Neighbor is that the neighbor has the ability to disguise himself as one of the kids and he is played by another player.

Secret Neighbor Creep
Watch your back at all times

A Social Horror Game

Secret Neighbor will feature proximity voice chat that allows players to work together or plot against one another. Ultimately players will have to build trust with each other as no one knows who the real neighbor is. The game will also feature some sort of combat system and possibly the addition of another secret neighbor instead of just one.

An alpha version of the game will be available soon. You can sign up to play here. Although access is not guaranteed since keys will be assigned randomly. You can check out gameplay footage and get the scoop straight from the developers in the video below.



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