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In the latest developer blog, the developers talked about the vaulting and climbing mechanics of the survival game SCUM. We already know how realistic SCUM is, but the new developer blog will blow your mind as they tell us all about the metabolism of the characters.

Deep inside your body

So how does metabolism works in SCUM? Metabolism is basically the work your organs and life systems do in your body. If you want to see all the statistics and progress of your character you will need to find intensive care units in SCUM. The BCI itself is the implant on the back of your head, but the unit is needed to see your progress.

By clicking on the picture you will see all the statistics that the body control monitor will show about the current performances of the character.

The first part of the statistic shows your hearth rate. Secondly, the blood pressure which is about the blood going to and from the heart. Thirdly, the oxygen saturation which shows the oxygen in your body; or simplified, you’ve got to keep breathing to survive. The last two statistics are the respiratory rate and temperature deviation which are about the amount of oxygen you breathe in, as well as the temperature of your body and the changes that are applied.

How will you perform

The box below is easier to understand as this shows the current skills of your character as well as the experience you have in these skills and the amount of experience you need for the next level. In addition, the body monitor tells you everything about the character such as the age, weight, fat percentage, temperature and the amount of teeth. However, if you lose some teeth because of a fist fight, eating might be a problem which will result in starvation.

The performance monitor is about the performance of your body, which is all about how fast you can move, how long you can run and how much you can carry. This gets further explained in the last statistic as this is all about the effects your character has. For example, drinking beer will reduce your performance while other products will boost it.

But this isn’t the end of the metabolism videos as next time the developers will address the food and digestion. John Dick surely will make a funny yet informative video of it, as he mentions he might talk about poop.


SOURCETheGamepires via YouTube
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