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As more and more information is getting revealed, the survival community is getting a picture of the upcoming game SCUM, developed by Gamepires. After receiving some noise from the community, the new video dives deeper into the awareness and tactics of the game, as well as an insight in the creation of the characters.

Seeing is believing

In a previous blog the developers already mentioned the awareness skill. This caused some commotion, as it looked like people could use wall hack for a few seconds. To fully understand the awareness we first have a look at how the vision works in the game.

Our vision has a few different fields. The central vision is the most focused one, also known as tunnel vision. Each of the other fields around this will increasingly blur out. Not everything we have in view is recognized actively. This is why SCUM uses a different way of rendering causing some enemies not to appear, and you won’t be able to exploit the third-person camera. Here the awareness skill comes in: The skill will determine your ability to recognize important elements in your view. By pressing the right mouse button your character will put more focus on the central vision. This will highly decrease the vision of the peripheral part but you will be able to see enemies faster from a distant.

SCUM Field of View
This is what we are able to see with our vision, but we can’t see past 220°.

The tactic skill allows you to follow a player who just got out of sight. Giving you a temporary wall hack feature. This might sound problematic but you have to take a few conditions in mind. At first following a target behind objects is only possible when you put a focus on the target, so it won’t work for multiple players. Secondly, you will have to keep tracking your target with the focus otherwise the tactic skill stops working. While you are so distracted by following your target other players can easily sneak up towards you.

As last, the level of the tactic skill determines your ability to follow targets behind objects. When a target is running fast towards a building and disappears behind it, players with a low tactic level won’t be able to focus fast enough and lose sight of the target, while advanced players won’t have a problem tracking it.

Creation of the character and skill points

The video gives us a look at the character creation as well as some of the skills your character is able to master. Besides changing the name and the age you are able to change his or her look. This includes skin color but also some good-looking head and body tattoos.

Playing a criminal obviously means your character committed some sort of crime. In the character select you will be able to pick the crime he committed as well as his weakness. At the picture below you see that alcoholism is an example for a weakness and the crime includes: Indecent Exposure and Zoophilia.

Where to spend my skillpoints on?

While creating your character you will start with a few skill points which you can add to the following attributes: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity and Intelligence. Each of these will have different skills, meaning you have to be careful with spending your points and get a balance between them. For example: Dexterity includes stealth, swimming and climbing. While Intelligence has the awareness skill, which we mentioned above. For the full release the developers are planning to add a total of 30 skills.

The Questions

1. What happens when you die? – If you are famous enough you are able to use the fame points to revive your character. If this is not the case your character will be lost and you need to start over with a new one.

2. How long does a game session last? – Not much information has been released about this yet. SCUM will have three different game layers, some of which will be 20 a 30 minutes long. But the main game will consist of a sandbox survival mode where a session is infinity.

3. What will be ways to balance out the servers depending on the skills of players? –  As SCUM doesn’t have a random matchmaking system, like other games, there is no need to balance out the servers. A reward system will be used where its less rewarding to kill the weaker players, making it worth for both types of players.

4. Will there be a map and will it have markers? – The developers aren’t sure about adding a map in the beginning. So far the answer is most likely no, but with certain events a temporary map will get uploaded to the BCUs.

5. How many players will be on the server? –  They are targeting for 64+ players on a server.

6. When will SCUM get released? – At the moment it’s scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.


SOURCESCUM via Youtube
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